G-Spot: Tokyoflash Pimp Star Performer
An unconventional style of watch that's turning a lot of heads.

Its stainless steel and lightweight design are the selling points for this Japanese timepiece. The Star Performer isn’t just any normal-looking watch, its “out there” style can make a trendsetter out of anyone.

The Star Performer displays its function by lighting up the number in the column that’s needed (as shown). There are four icons on top that light up when the mode is selected; the icons read Clock, Sun, $ and Martini glass. This unique piece blinks once a minute for every 12 minutes after the light button is pressed.

If the clock icon is in 12 hour mode and PM, the Martini glass will light up also, which signifies that drinking is usually done in this time.

There are a few colours available: silver with multicoloured LEDs (Light Emitted Diodes), blue or white LEDs (as shown). There’s gunmetal colour with blue LEDs, orange or white.

Its universal appeal makes this timepiece a great accessory to wear with anything. From casual to formal, this watch takes you places on time and in style.

Its cool light up functions and unique clock icon make this watch, at $233 CAD, a worthwhile purchase.

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