Alternative Bouquets: Pretty Prairie

Create your own wheat bouquet, perfect for a country wedding.

Strands of Wheat for an alternative to bouquets
-Strands of wheat (can be colourful)
-Floral wire
-2” corsage pins  

8 Steps to making a wheat bouquet

Step 1: Cut twine into nine strands – 6 ft. in length.  

Step 2: Tie together three pieces of twine at the top of each strand and braid them together three quarters of the way down. Tie a knot at the end of the braid. 

Step 3: Repeat step 2 for the other pieces of twine. You will end with three separate braids.  

Step 4: Tie the three braids together at the top of each strand (where the braid is, not where the loose ends are). Braid the three together and tie a knot at the end – there should be loose twine.  

Step 5: Arrange wheat into a bouquet shape and secure with floral wire around the middle of the stem.  

Step 6: Starting at the back of the bouquet, tightly wrap the braided twine around the stem, covering the floral wire.  

Step 7: Once you have wrapped the twine, keep it in place by securing the middle of the knot with a corsage pin.  

Step 7: Trim the loose strand of twine to a desired length.  

Step 8: Trim the bottom of the wheat for an even length.    

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