Craft Ideas: How To Make a Bouquet

Ten steps to making your own beautiful bouquet.


• Roses or Flowers of choice
• Clean straight vase half filled with room temperature water
• Flower cutters
• Ribbon(not wire) that matches your wedding colours
• Floral tape
• Straight pin
• Anti-bacterial floral food
• Clear Set Flower Preservation Spray or Clear Hair Spray

1. Choose flowers carefully with unblemished petals and straight stems.

2. Cut the bottom of the stems an inch; remove greenery, leaves and thorns.

3. Place anti-bacterial food in vase half filled with room temperature water.

4. Place flowers in vase for at least four hours to allow them to be well hydrated.

5. To start the flower arrangement begin by placing three open flowers together as the centre point of your bouquet.

6. Place three more flowers around the edge of your centre flowers. Take the stems firmly in your hands and wrap them at that point with flower tape. Use that binding point to tape all other flowers together in bouquet.

7. Take three more flowers and repeat steps five and six until you have achieved the size of bouquet you want.

8. Once all of your stems are taped together wrap stems of your arrangement with non-wired ribbon. Go all the way down the stem with the ribbon where the floral tape is and then walk it back up to where you started so the ribbon is covering all the floral tape two times.

9. Secure the ribbon with a straight pin by poking it into the top of the stem. Place pins in an upward position towards flowers. Cut stems leaving one inch of flower stems at the bottom of ribbon visible.

10. Spray bouquet with preservative like Clear Set or clear hair spray. This will preserve flowers for hours.