Game Ideas: Toilet Paper Gifts

Find out who’s really creative when you ask guests to create a toilet paper gift for the bride-to-be. Uncover the hilariously funny creations that’ll get your guests laughing.

Object: Guests must make a gift for the bride-to-be using the amount of toilet paper they would use when in the bathroom.  

- Toilet Paper (rough estimate: one roll for every four guests)
- Watch or timer  

1. Pass the toilet paper around to each guest and ask them to take the amount off the roll they use when they go to the bathroom.  

2. Once every guest has their toilet paper, they have 10 minutes to create a gift for the bride-to-be to wear.  

3. After 10 minutes, the bride-to-be will walk around and try on each gift for guests to see their creations.  

4. After the bride-to-be has viewed and tried on all the gifts, she will announce which one is her favourite.  

5. The guest who made the bride-to-be’s favourite gift wins a prize.

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