Game Ideas: Honeymoon Night Chatter

Laugh out loud at the hilarious honeymoon night lingo you'll hear guests say when they don't even know it.

Materials:  Paper and pencil/marker for each guest.

- Set a time limit of 10 minutes for this game.

- Give each guest a piece of paper and a marker.

- Ask them to place the paper on the floor in front of them.

- Tell them to place their hand on the paper and trace it with the marker without bending their knees.

- Have bridesmaids or helpers record the comments guests make, such as “Ouch, this hurts!” or, “My knees are starting to give!”

- Don’t forget to record the name of the guest with each comment.

- Once the game is over, repeat the comments aloud. Be sure to explain that the comments made are what the bride will say the night of her honeymoon.

- Have the bride pick her favourite comment – whoever said it wins the prize.