Alternative Bouquets: Fancy Feathers

Using feathers instead of flowers adds a unique twist to the traditional wedding bouquet.

- 5 or more long feathers (colour or style of your preference)
- Floral wire
- Optional beaded artificial vine
- Scissors -4” thick wired netting
- 2” corsage pins    

Step 1: Fan feathers out and place beaded artificial vine in the centre.  

Step 2: Secure the feathers and vine by tightly wrapping the bottom in floral wire.  

Step 3: Make a bow out of your 4” wired netting by cutting a strand 2 ft. long.  

Step 4: Loop each side of the ribbon to create the ends of the bow. Pinch it together in the centre and secure it with floral wire.  

Step 5: Wrap the bow around the bottom of the feathers using floral wire. At the back of the bouquet twist and than tuck any left over wire.  

Step 6: Secure the bow using three corsage pins.    

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