Unique Bridal Showers

Create a memorable party for the bride with these themed shower ideas.

The Kitchen Shower
Perfect for the bride who loves to cook (or the one who needs a little bit of help getting started).  

The Party
- Have the bridesmaids dress up in aprons and cooking gloves.
- Have a set of gloves and apron ready for the bride when she enters.
- Have guests fill out recipe cards before the bride arrives and place them in a recipe box.
- Make recipe cards for the food being served for guests to take home.
- Bake together and mix sweet cocktails.
- Decorate “picnic” style with checkered table cloths.  

The Gifts
- See where the bride is registered and purchase kitchen gadgets, accessories and appliances.
- Get the bridesmaids to pull together to buy one of the big ticket items like a fridge or dishwasher.
- See our Registry Checklist: Kitchen for gift ideas.

The Teacup Shower
Perfect for the bride who appreciates the little things and really enjoys her cup of tea.  

The Party
- Have fresh teas and coffees ready to be served with dainty finger foods and sweets.
- Have the shower during “tea time” – a short mid-afternoon party.
- Plan a tea shower at home or in a backyard – if you have a bigger budget, book out a hotel or tea room.
- Use pastels and ornate kettles and cups for a mix-and-match vintage décor.  

The Gifts
- Ask party goers to bring a special tea-cup and saucer so the bride and groom have a unique tea set.
- Common gifts for a teacup shower are fancy kettles, dinnerware and place settings.

The Lingerie Shower
Get the bride prepped for her honeymoon with lovely lingerie.  

The Party
- The venue should be a private, separate room in a restaurant or at home.
- Lush and romantic décor – lace and roses.
- Serve sexy foods like chocolate and fruits.  

The Gifts
- Purchase gifts related to lingerie, not just lingerie itself.
- For guests who feel uncomfortable purchasing lingerie, look for gifts like bed sheets, pillows, champagne, or a wine serving set.    

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