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Loretta and Eric initially met at a mutual friend’s birthday party. At first, though Loretta showed some interest in Eric, everything was strictly platonic and nothing more. After losing touch for a year or so, Loretta and Eric reconnected while hanging out with the same friend that brought them together the first time; then things finally started shifting in a different direction! Loretta always tried to find discreet ways to see Eric without him realizing it, “I started to find ways for our friend to invite him over when I was there, or ways to go watch him play hockey.” Her plan worked to perfection as eventually the two started going to the movies together all the time, and that means all the time, “I think we saw every movie out that year.” They were both a little too shy to just come out and declare their affection for each other, so after one of their countless movie dates, Loretta decided to take the initiative and write on a piece of paper, “Will you go out with me?” The next day, Eric telephoned Loretta and finally said yes to her question. Needless to say, it has been true love ever since.

Loretta and Eric’s Song: “Our wedding songs were “At Last” by Etta James and Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol.”

Eric is typically a fairly shy guy, but he can also be quite the romantic. For the proposal, he planned a beautiful night out in downtown Toronto with tickets to see River Dance at the Canon Theatre and then a stay at the Marriott hotel. The truly romantic part came afterwards however; Eric went to the hotel room early and created a rose petal trail leading to the bed. On the bed, he placed a stuffed animal with the engagement ring box. Later that night, after arriving at the hotel room, Loretta anxiously followed a rose-petal trail which led to a jewellery box, she opened the box and was shocked to find an M&M; candy (her favourite by the way) inside of it. Eric then surprised her once more, “Were you looking for this?” She looked up to find a beautiful diamond ring between his fingers. The rest is history!!!

“The whole day was just wonderful...it was just so special to us that we cannot just pick one part!” exclaims Loretta. Though not everything went exactly how they planned it, Loretta and Eric made sure that it didn’t take away from the romance and happiness of their day. The food at the Mississauga Convention Centre was phenomenal and served promptly; the DJ rocked the house, “We had our entire guest list commenting on how great the music was,” confirmed Loretta. To them, the best part of the wedding was not only that they had a wonderful time, but also that their guests truly did enjoy themselves. “It just proved that all of our hard work and planning paid off big time!!!”

Loretta’s Gown: “My gown was by Paloma Blanca. It was an A-line, champagne colour and Dupioni silk gown. The bodice was a soft pink with a cream coloured French lace overlay and a soft pink sash.”

Loretta and Eric’s tips:
1) Enjoy every minute, the day goes by in a blink of an eye, so take a moment to take it all in.

2) If something doesn’t go the way you planned, chances are no one will know but you

3) Be original and unique, let your wedding reflect who you and your partner are. 

4) Do your HOMEWORK!!!!  Find the best deals possible, but do not compromise on service or quality.

5) Ask if you can pay cash to save on the taxes. 

6) To the ladies, when shopping for your dress, try on everything, sometimes the ones you thought you would never wear are the ones that look the best on you.

Vendor Links
Caterer/Reception: Mississauga Convention Centre
Decor Company: FOS Decor
DJ and Entertainment: Good Vibrations
Florist: Bridal Blossom
Limousine: Luxury Coach
Photographer: Chameleon Imaging