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The story of Rob and Lindsay is one that movies are made of; a storybook fairytale about a childhood friendship that blossomed into vows of love.

Rob and Lindsay first met at a summer camp in Ontario when they were in grade 5. “Lindsay would sing camp songs to me just outside my cabin door,” says Rob. After camp, the young friends tried to stay pen-pals, but lost contact with one another after a year.

It wasn’t until a decade later that the two would cross paths again in a coincidental meeting in university. Then as adults, with their friendship rekindled, a new emotion developed – mutual attraction.

The friendship, now coupled with this attraction developed into a love that would eventually lead to Rob on one knee asking Lindsay to marry him.

The Proposal
Rob’s mom paints a picture of the proposal scenario for us, “Rob first proposed over the internet on one knee holding a long stemmed white rose in his mouth and a ring, with Lindsay in Africa at a remote African internet cafe. Then, when Lindsay got back from Africa, Rob formally proposed by taking her back to the summer camp in Ontario where they met”.

The Wedding
The wedding took place in picturesque Winnipeg, Canada. The wedding ceremony was preceded over by a good friend to Rob and Lindsay and was made even more special because of a “very personable message” addressed to them.  Rob describes Lindsay’s look as “out of this world amazing!!!!!!!” (for those counting at home, yes that is 7 exclamation marks as described by Rob) he also goes on to say, “I almost peed myself, she was that beautiful.”

Lindsay wore a simple, off-white satin, strapless and tulip neckline gown. It opened at the front to reveal some embroidered detail. The gown was purchased 7 days before the wedding because Lindsay’s own custom designed gown had some technical difficulties.  Nonetheless, a little wedding drama makes for the best stories in the end, especially when there is a happy ending!

The couple’s first dance was to: Van Morrison - Someone Like You

Suggestions from Lindsay and Rob: “Be aware that at the reception you need to control how much to talk to certain guests so that you have a chance to greet everyone… some, without intention may monopolize your time!”