Inspired by The Cartier Jewellery Box

Cartier jewellery boxes exude elegance, luxury and sophistication and that was the inspiration for my design.

“I love Cartier’s signature bold crimson colour. It’s my second favourite colour next to my ‘signature’ colour, fuschia!

“I used the simplicity of classic red roses and glass elements with the beautiful rich linen to create what I interpret to be the sophisticated side of Cartier. The rich deep colours of the Mahogany-accented chairs and surroundings with splashes of gold in the table design represent the luxurious component of Cartier.

“I loved creating a fusion of the boldness of colour with simplicity of style for the Cartier design as it represents so much of what my personal design style is.”

Nisha has a diverse background that includes product development, home decor, textile desvigns, outdoor decor and women's fashion accessories. Her designs were used by leading North American retailers and it's experience like this that gives her the cutting edge in design.

With a combination of Nisha’s flair for creating breathtaking atmospheres and friends and family encouraging... Read Nisha's full bio.