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After being encouraged by family and friends to pursue her gifts, Nisha decided to put her event décor talents to good use. Now, her flair for creating breathtaking atmospheres and eye-catching pieces make her a sought-after designer by clients all over Canada.

Nisha has a diverse background that includes everything from product development and home décor to textile designs and women’s fashion accessories. As a favourite of North American retailers, Nisha is not only known for her cutting edge designs, but her range of experience.

Nisha's work have been featured in many publications including Chatelaine and Style at Home as well as contributing editorials for Kismet Magazine. She won the Canadian Special Events Industry Show award for her design work.

She occasionally visits Asia, Europe and United States trade fairs to create new decor ideas and to ensure she is up-to-date in today's global decor trends.

Nisha's use of bold colour, attention to detail, worldly influences and awareness of the client's culture is reflected in her unique and original designs and has become one of her signature traits.