The Veil

From bird cage, to ballet and cathedral, find out which type of veil suits your wedding style.

Different Veil Types

Fly-Away –
also called the shoulder veil, is a multi-layered veil that just brushes your shoulders. It’s no longer than 20 inches in length.

Elbow – veil extends no more than 28 inches, or to the elbow. It can be single or multi-layered; cut to the same length or one or two inches apart when there are a couple of layers.  

Finger Tip – is the most common veil, usually 36 inches in length. It extends to the fingertips and can easily be worn at both the ceremony and reception.  

Ballet –
also called the waltz veil, extends somewhere between your knee and your ankle, but never lower than your ankle.  

Chapel – veil is often worn with chapel length train. It extends to the floor usually six to 12 inches beyond a chapel train. It’s about 108 inches in length. It’s difficult to move in so it usually has a detachable option and is often removed at the reception.  

Cathedral – veil is the longest and extends well past the end of your dress train. It’s typically worn in church settings for dramatic effect walking down a long aisle. A cathedral veil is aprox. 120 inches or longer.  

Bird Cage – is the hottest trend in Hollywood. It’s made of wider tulle netting and extends just over your chin, but variations are the Angle Veil, which extends over the lower eyes; the Wedge Veil, which angles over one eye only and the Triangle Masque, which is a triangle that comes to a point just below one eye.  

What is a Blusher? The blusher covers your face when you walk down the aisle during the ceremony. It can be swept back by your father before he gives you away, or by your husband at the end of the ceremony just before your first kiss as husband and wife. Traditionally the blusher was worn over the face falling just below neckline, but above the bust. Today, for more a dramatic effect, brides are wearing blushers is all different lengths.  

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