Benefits of Using A Travel Consultant

You won’t believe what they can do for you.

These days, it’s tempting to book your honeymoon with the click of a button. However, there are far more benefits to using a personal travel consultant. Here are some reasons why vacationers should opt for a travel consultant (preferably one that is a member of Virtuoso). By: Harlan Debell of The Travel Siblings

Travel Consultants are Bliss
Travel planning from flights to food – simply give your travel consultant your desired itinerary and budget and let them do all the tedious searching. The function of a travel consultant is to make life easier for you. Let them take a load off your shoulders by finding the best flight and itinerary to fit your needs and recommend hotels that match your lifestyle.

Vast Travel Connections Around the World Make You VIPs
A reputable Virtuoso travel consultant will have great relationships with hotel managers around the world so you will be treated as ‘VIPs’. A travel consultant also has access to the best activities and excursions, and be able to arrange them in advance.

The ultra-personalized service can include small perks to make your trip more pleasant; a cake delivered on your birthday, or bottle of chilled sparkling wine waiting for you in your hotel room, and even complementary upgrades and other value-added amenities.

Need a Light? Here’s a Price Match
Travel consultants have the ability and skill to work within a traveler’s budget. Travel consultants can price match any rate you find on the internet.

Daily, Nightly and Ever So Rightly
Travel Consultants are available to help you 24/7 during unforeseen circumstances. If something goes wrong during your vacation, you can contact your travel agent any time - rest assured the poblem will be solved.

If your flight is canceled or delayed due to bad weather, your travel consultant can book you a hotel wherever you’ve been stranded. The ability to make last minute arrangements can give you the peace-of-mind you deserve.

Extraordinarily Customary
You can have your travels your way; your options are endless. Travel consultants will add personal touches that you would like or fine-tune your vacation to truly make it your own.

Photo: Studio DVM

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