Five Wedding Wows Worth the $$$

A bride and groom's perspective (hers versus his) on what’s worth splurging on for their wedding.


The Bride's Luxe List
Karen (our bride) has a beautiful wedding dress and the venue is already booked; her luxe choices are unique touches to give her wedding a wow factor. Here's her list of extras worth the $$$.

1. Shoes
A pair of designer shoes by Christian Louboutin were the first thing on Karen’s list. Her reasoning behind why she wanted them was three words, “I LOVE THEM." I think these may top the list in priority of importance!

2. Wedding Photographer
According to Karen a good photographer is crucial because he/she determines how the day will be remembered, "I want a photojournalistic photographer who will capture the essence, emotion and details of the day using an unobtrusive approach," said Karen. recommends Paul Kosiorowski of One2 Photography; a journalistic photographer that captures candid, unscripted images as well as extraordinary set shots.

3. Wedding Decor
"Flowers, lighting and even the dance floor make an impact when you come into the room," says Karen. 'It's the stage for what's to come." recommends, Dance Floor Decor; they can customize your floor in a variety of colours and prints and monogram it to match your wedding decor.

Jill Barry, sales executive for Dance Floor Decor, said, "the dance floor is the focal point of the room and the area where memories are made. When you customize the floor it transforms the room, adding a unique and special touch. Decorating your floor is like icing on a cake. When we create the floor to complement your decor it creates a wow factor and it will be captured beautifully in all your wedding pictures." Dance Floor Decor can customize a floor in a variety of colours, prints and monograms for your

4. Action Dessert Station
A show-stopping delight Karen wants at her wedding is a Flambe Station.
"The station will get 'oohs' and 'aahhs' as huge flames make the desserts more dramatic," she says. suggests having different types of flambe creations such as Banana Foster, Toasted Hawaiian and Chocolate Craving to allow guests the option of picking a favourite."

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5. Wedding Planner
Karen feels this splurge is well worth it, as it takes the stress off her. She wants a planner who makes her wedding unique to her personal taste, takes over sourcing and have vendors brings her vision of her wedding day to life.

"I am so busy at the office it will be such a help to have an experienced professional by my side," said Karen. believes that after spending so much for the food and venue you need to make sure it all comes together and a good planner can do that.
We encourage brides to take advantage of all the resources available on our website, including our wed professional directory where you will find wedding planners to help you create the wedding of your dreams.

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Every bridal couple wants to make their wedding day as special as they can. Unfortunately, the pocket book often limits them and that's when we get into the Venus vs. Mars debate over what's worth spending the extra cash. It would all work perfectly, if both partners thought the same way but in most cases what's important to her isn't always important to him. So, just for fun, we asked a couple (who want to remain anonymous) their perspective separately, on what they would splurge on for their wedding.


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