The Groom's Pimp List

You don’t want good, you want greatness for your wedding!


The "Go Big" List
Like the old saying goes, “go big or go home!” Well there’s no better day to go big than your wedding day. Here are five traditional wedding staples that you can make your own.

1. The Bar
There’s a wedding bar, then there’s the guy’s bar. Instead of a traditional bartender mixing drinks, get flair bartenders to throw bottles in the air, swoop and swish their way into their hard-earned tip dollars. Not only is it an awesome way to entertain your guests, but these flair bartenders know how to put together some fierce group shots.

What to tell the Bride: You don’t want a wedding where people don’t dance, do you?  Flair bartenders entice people to drink, and when people drink, they get looser. When they get looser, they do the Electric Slide.

2. Music
You can hire a DJ – and yes they’ll probably do a good job and entertain your guests. But you don’t want good…you want great. The solution: Hire a DJ, a live band and a dance instructor. It doesn’t have to be a full band, just a drummer or even a vocalist to complement the beats the DJ is playing. If that’s not enough to get your guests grooving, hire an instructor to teach guests a few dance steps and encourage the shy and rhythmically-challenged.

What to tell the Bride: It’s fool proof. Need I say more?

3. The Intro
You don’t want the tired old introduction everyone else does – it’s not badass enough. Instead, hire cinematographers to make a memorable introductory video, music video or a spoof of your favourite movies or TV shows.

What to tell the Bride: Picture this: the lights go dim, the big screen (oh yeah, get badass big screens too!) goes bright. Your guests are in awe at you and your bridal party doing something surreal in the video. The DJ announces your entry to the theme music from your video, then BAM! Spotlights settle on an opening door with each bridal couple making their entrance. Oh believe me, it’s unforgettable.

Check out the video on the right. 

4. The Transport
Sure, a limo is nice, but that’s too subtle and boring. That’s not how wanna role. What about getting something unique like the De Lorean, Monster Truck, set of Mini Coopers, Motorcycles, Ferrari, Lamborghini, even the VW Campervan from Scooby Doo - just stand out!

What to Tell the Bride: Spend money on a funky car now or later when we have kids? Your choice!

5. The Food
Salad? Bread? Antipasta? Really? Men need meat! It’s in our genetics. We used to hunt for hours, then gut our supper every night for the tribe; it’s nature. Insist on a barbecue or an all you can eat meat bar for the reception. Sausages, burgers, steaks, ribs, wings or a roasted pig on a fire would be awesome! - this makes you want to growl like Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor used to back in the day.

What to tell the Bride: If you can invite your Aunt Sally and have different types of salads, I can have my roasted pig.

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