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He's Just That into You

Here are some signs that you’re the girl for him.

Five Signs He's In to you 1. Increased Contact
Whether it’s texting, calling, Facebook, Twitter, IM or anything else he can think of, he makes up reasons just to get a hold of you.  For example, “Hey, my friends and I were having an argument and think you would be the best to settle it…”

2. Touchy Feely
Finding reasons to touch you; a pat on the leg or an extra long hug are signs he could be interested. If he’s made increased physical contact with you it’s a good sign.

3. Organized Dates
If he asks you to tag along with a group of people or makes a one-on-one date, it means he wants to see you and get to know you.

4. Proximity
He’s always trying to get close to you. For example, sitting next to you when there are other open seats, or finds a way to be around you, it's a sure sign that you are the girl he wants.

5. Eye Contact & Smiling
Smiling a lot and looking at you means he's attracted to you. It’s his shy way of saying he's interested.

Remember ladies, use common sense! A lot of signs can be misread; he gave up his seat for you in a crowded room because you stubbed your toe, he invited you (along with all your girlfriends) to a party at his house, he stood behind you in line at McDonald’s, he picked a piece of lint off your shirt or he called you because he forgot his hat at your house. Just be careful and don’t read too much into situations. The best thing to do is watch to see if he's showing a combination of the above signs consistently.