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Bridesmaid Duties

The Dos and Don’ts for bridesmaids – Etiquette for your role as a bridesmaid, along with the duties you’re expected to perform before, during and after the wedding.

Bridesmaids Duties Do’s...
Before the wedding
Provide emotional support to the bride throughout her engagement, by being helpful and supportive.

- Be tolerant of mood swings; a lot of brides overreact when they are getting married.

- Buy your bridesmaid dress, shoes and any other accessories.

- Attend bridesmaid fittings when scheduled; arrange pick-up of dress and payment to the bridal salon on time.

- Offer to help the bride with planning tasks. Volunteer for specific duties: stuffing envelopes, making a seating plan, creating a memory board for the ceremony, help wrap favours.

- Plan, co-host and pay for the bridal shower and bachelorette party. ·Attend as many pre-wedding parties as your schedule will allow.

- Attend the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

- Purchase a gift or give money for a wedding present - in addition, a gift for the engagement party, bridal shower and (if required) bachelorette festivities.

- At the shower, help where needed including, offering to record gifts for thank-you cards, helping with games and making guests feel welcome.

During the wedding
- Arrive on time

- Help the bride get ready before the wedding. Offer to hold her clutch, bouquet or make-up bag if needed.

- Offer your help to fluff or bustle the bride’s gown before the ceremony and reception.

- Walk down the aisle as part of the procession during the ceremony; stand with the other attendants before being seated during the ceremony.

- A maid-of-honour would be expected to sign the marriage license, as a witness to the marriage.

- Follow the bridal couple out of the ceremony venue as they exit, usually being escorted by a groomsman.

- Stand in the receiving line at the reception at the bride’s request.

- Take on back-up hostess duties if necessary – introduce guests, help direct them to their tables.

- Be prepared to give a toast at the reception if you’re asked to ahead of time.

- Be there for the bride on her wedding day – don’t make yourself scarce. ·Be prepared to dance at the reception; usually the first couple of dances are with your groomsman partner.

- Be prepared to arrange and fund for your own transportation home and any hotel accommodations you may need if you’re an out-of-town attendant.  

After the wedding
- Offer to help out with any clean-up chores at the end of the evening.

- Help carryout gifts or items that have to go home with the bridal couple.

- Make sure to ask if there’s anything else you can do to help, before you say goodnight.

- Don’t show up late to any events you’re planning to attend for the bridal couple.

- Don’t drink too much, drink in moderation – you don’t want to have the bride taking care of you at her events. This includes the wedding, bridal shower or rehearsal dinner.

- Don’t complain about the style of the bridesmaid dresses, her wedding décor or venue, or the groomsman who is your partner, (even if you hate it all), it’s her day, indulge her.

- Don’t avoid her phone calls or emails; if she is contacting you respond as soon as possible.

- Don’t overwhelm the bride with a lot of last minute questions just before the wedding. Ask for assistance from the maid-of-honour or another attendant if possible.    

And remember, "A happy bridesmaid makes a happy bride." Lord Tennyson

Be a good friend - be happy!