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Mother of the Bride Duties

A wedding role guide for the bride’s mom.

Mother of the Bride DutiesBeing the mother of the bride can be a big job. Customs vary from family to family and that can make it confusing for a mom to know what her role is; here’s a general guide of what’s usually expected for the mother-of-bride (MOB).

Meet and Greet - Introduce your family to the new family after the engagement; if you haven’t met already. Set up a time and place to meet as soon as possible.

Support System - Be a shoulder for your daughter to lean on. Listen, advise and be supportive of her during this exciting, yet stressful time.

Guest List - Compile a guest-list for your side of the family. Consult with the bride on budget and space available. Be the main point of contact for RSVP’s.

Financial HelpDiscuss with the bridal couple their budget for the wedding. Let them know if you plan to help them out financially with the cost of the wedding and how much you plan to give. Be available to scout out vendors with them if they need your help.

Wedding FashionIf asked, help the bride find her wedding dress and choose your dress after she has finalized the wedding party attire. It’s suggested, you ask the bride to come along for her approval of your gown. Contact the groom’s mother once you’ve picked your attire to inform her of the colour, style and formality of it.

Attend Pre-PartiesHost the engagement party and be available to attend the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner or any other event the bridal couple requests you attend. Help out with the organization of events, if asked.

Down the AisleTraditionally the bride’s father walks her down the aisle at the church but today some brides are asking their mom to take part. Be prepared, if asked, to accompany Dad down the aisle with your daughter.

Be the CEOAt the wedding and reception make sure everything runs smoothly; make sure guests feel welcomed and comfortable. Handle any discrepancies with the seating plan and be the go to person for the caterers (unless you have a wedding planner). If anything is too large for you to handle and the bridal couple must be informed – you be the person to inform them. Follow up on their decisions with the third party. Make your daughter’s day as worry free as possible.

At the ReceptionStand in the receiving line to greet guests, traditionally the mother-of-the-bride heads up the line.

DanceDuring the first formal dance, be prepared to dance with your partner.

Be a MomTell your daughter how beautiful she is and how much she means to you. Send her on this journey knowing you love and support her and that you have confidence in her.