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Robot Flower Girl!

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Robot Flower Girl!

by trbadmin » Fri Jan 15, 2022 9:03 pm

A way to really make your wedding memorable ... how about a robot flower girl.

Here is what the bride has to say:
"I have always, always loved robots and have a collection of books, toys, and now an actual robot! How can you compete with a robot crusing down the aisle spitting out flowers on the ground? I wanted my wedding to have a playful feel and pay tribute to my upbringing (Dad and sister are both engineers) and really give a San Francisco feel to the event.

My sister built the robot and has been building robots since she was in high school. The ah ha moment for having a robot flower girl was one sunny afternoon at brunch with my fiance. I had a vision, thankfully he shared it and after a chat with my sister (who was a Mechanical Engineer Grad Student at Stanford at the time) she said she would make it happen and we went from there."




The robot flower girl even made an appearance on the dance floor at the reception!

What do you think about this unique wedding idea? In a strange way, we think the robot is kind of adorable!

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