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If you signed up with at the KISMET Show, you could be the...


Blossoming Bridesmaids

Pretty spring dresses in colourful hues for your maids!

Garden Party Wedding Gowns

The tea length gown has a demure and vintage feel that makes them ideal for...

Winter 2010 Wedding Show Win-A-Ring Contest Winners

Meet the ring winners for the winter 2010 wedding show season.

Flower Girl Gift Ideas

Pretty and fun finds from WedShop for your littlest maid.

Flower Girl Gift Ideas

Videographers: Make or Break the Memories

Before you hit record, get expert tips on how to choose the right videographer...

Most Romantic Wedding Songs

Set the stage with a first dance to remember!

Groom Cakes

Give your man a gift that’s all about him!

Springtime Photographs

If you're planning a springtime wedding, take a look at these seasonal phot...

Your Eco-Friendly Wedding Guide

Want to help the environment? We've picked some of our favourite green tips...

Celebrating 100 Years of Elizabeth Arden

A legendary innovator and entrepreneur, Elizabeth Arden is one of the most respected...

Spring Inspirations for your Wedding

Transform your wedding into a beautiful spring themed day with delicate blooms...

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April 11, 2021