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Chick Flicks That Don't Suck!

Movies you can both enjoy together, even if it is a chick flick!

So fellas, it’s movie night and it’s her turn to pick the movie. You’re wondering how you can get through the two hours of tear-jerkers. Who knows! Maybe she’ll pick a movie of your choice…or not!

For the guys who aren’t so fortunate, stir her into a romance-comedy instead of just romance or drama. The key is finding a movie that evokes an emotion you both can share together; laughter is one of them. Some guys don’t mind the occasional sappy romance (Ghost) or the over-the-top dramas (Million Dollar Baby) but all guys and girls love to laugh.

Some of these selections you’ve probably already seen. Maybe you saw a sex scene while channel surfing and you got sucked in ‘till the end of the movie. That’s how I saw most of the chick flicks I’ve seen! But here's’s version of movies you can watch with your mate!

15. Fever Pitch
14. Armageddon
13. Mickey Blue Eyes
12. The Notebook
11. Jerry Maguire
10. It Could Happen to You
9. 27 Dresses
8. Love, Actually
7. The Holiday
6. Wedding Crashers
5. Ghost
4. Princess Bride
3. 50 First Dates
2. When Harry Met Sally
1. Hitch

If you would like to share your thoughts or suggest more movies, there's a forum for it! Feel free to speak your mind! Just click here!