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G-Spot: Cufflinks

To the gentleman who is traditional and laid back wishing to break out of that conservative shell.

To the gentleman who is traditional and laid back wishing to break out of that conservative shell – your hammer is It has been said that the act of a man removing cufflinks can be aphrodisiacal for a woman; need we say more?

Well let’s say a few more things to inform you.

Stand Out: Why These Cufflinks Separate You from the Rest

With a broad selection of colour, shapes, sizes, and styles, you wouldn’t have a problem looking for the perfect accessory for your wrists at This selection of cufflinks is eclectic; it's easier to find something that can compliment your personality, feeling or occasion. Also,the prices of these cufflinks are reasonable for the quality and detail these accessories are made in.

Bride and Groom Cufflinks

Price: $65.00CAD
Although you will rarely find an occasion to wear them, the Bride and Groom cufflinks are perfect for your wedding day. With its solid rhodium-plated body, you can start a fatherly tradition by passing these durable pieces down to your children on their wedding day. Start your tradition now and create a family heirloom. These cufflinks have a swivel or post-style backing.
4 Aces Cufflinks

Price: $65.00 CAD
The detail in the diamonds, clubs, hearts and spades is noticeable. Colours added in the impressions (red and black), along with the brushed rhodium plating finish and a simple swivel or bullet-back closure make this a great buy. Any guy with an appreciation for poker would love these cufflinks.

Where’s My Caddy Cufflinks

Price: $65.00 CAD
These are a must-have for every golf enthusiast! The partnering of the ball & chain backing connected to the golf bag make these a real show stopper. 

The Package

A tin box, measured at 1.25 inches tall x 3.10 inches long and 2 inches wide, is topped with a sky-blue wedge-style cover. Foam and rubber band fastener secure the cufflinks in place, which are sitting on a cushiony felt.

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