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Cooking With Wine

Some things you need to know about using wine as a cooking ingredient.

Did you know…?
• The term cooking wine was created during Prohibition times. Salt was added to the wine so people wouldn’t drink it on its own.

• Wine adds taste to your dish not alcohol. Most of the alcohol is burned off during cooking and the subtle flavor of the fruit is left in the food.
All cooks should know….

• Only use wines in your cooking that you would drink. Cooking wines have too much salt in them.

• The longer a dish is cooked, the less alcohol remains, plan accordingly.

• Boiling down a wine concentrates the flavour. Adding too much can overpower it.

• Choose wines that complement your dishes. If you are cooking a lamb stew choose a rich, full-bodied red wine, while a fish dish benefits from a dry white wine.

Wine to Keep in Your Cellar for Cooking…
• A dry white wine, such as Sauvignon Blanc, adds a light fruity flavour for sauces.

• A dry, robust red wine like Pinot Noir, adds rich flavor to meat dishes.

• Fortified wines like Sherry or Marsala have a longer shelf life than other wines because of their higher alcohol content, which works as a preservative.