Cindy and Nelson

I first laid eyes on Nelson during our sixth grade dance, at our elementary school. At that moment, I would never have imagined that he would become the love of my life. As we entered high school, we became that best of friends. We were around each other so often that even my mother noticed. "You do realize that Nelson is in love with you." my mother would say. I always kept telling her that she was wrong; I could never be in love with my best friend. For years I had no interest in Nelson. I didn't want to ruin our friendship.

And then one day, in our first year of college it happened. Nelson told me he loved me, that he always was in love me. And then I realized maybe I could be in love with my best friend. From that day forward we started to date. And date. And date. During our ten year courtship many of our family and friends would bug us almost every day asking "When are you guys getting married?” Yes I was a little disappointed that we weren’t engaged yet, but being married could never change the love I have for Nelson.

One summer evening of last year, Nelson took me out for dinner. After dinner Nelson asked if I would like to take a drive around our neighbourhood that we grew up in. As we came near our elementary school, he said, "Why don't we check out Sunset Heights. We haven't been there in years." So Nelson parked the car and asked me if I wanted to take a walk around. I didn't want to get out of the car. He kept being persistent. Finally, I agreed. We walked around the basketball court, admired the gym wall we used to hit tennis balls off of, and even played hopscotch on the exact same spot I used to play so many years ago. And all the time that I was walking around reminiscing about our past, Nelson kept following me around. He had this smirk on his face and his hand in his back pocket. As we stood in the centre of the basketball court we used to play in during our youth, Nelson brought a box out, covered it with his hands and asked, "Do you know what today is?" No I replied but then remembered it was our anniversary.

"It's our tenth anniversary." he reminded me. "Did you buy me a present?" No I said. "Well I bought you a present." Nelson uncovered his hands, opened the box and showed me the ring inside. Then he asked me to marry him. And in the middle of a the basketball court at the first place we met eighteen years ago, on the day of our 10th anniversary, I told Nelson "Yes , I will marry you!"

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