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Five Steps To Help You Pick The Ring Of Her Dreams!

Guys, listen-up! Engagement season is coming, picking a ring isn't difficult. Follow our steps to glory.

Picking an engagement ring should reflect the style of the bride-to-be! If you went out to buy a car, you would do research and find out what you liked and what was of good value. Picking a ring is not any different. This is something, hopefully, she’ll wear for the rest of her life - so it’s up to you to make sure it’s a ring she loves and will want to wear everyday!

Now for the hard stuff – actually picking the perfect ring! It really isn’t as hard as it sounds. Most women are very appreciative, even if it was not their ideal ring choice. They’re in love with you, so just the thought that you picked the ring will make them happy. But if you really want to make it something that reflects her style and taste, we have a five step guide to help walk you through the process of picking the ring of her dreams!

1. Check out her jewelery box. – If you really want to find out what her style is without her knowing what you’re up to, check out her jewellery box. If all her jewellery is silver, then chances are she will prefer a ring with a band in platinum or white gold. What type of stone shape and settings are her rings? Are they set high, low, flush, bezel or tension settings and most important, what size is her ring. To find out, you may need to kidnap one of her rings, have it sized with a jeweller, and then return it without her knowing.

2. Listen to her. – Plan a day at a department store or mall and wander by the jewellery section browsing at the rings casually. Mention a couple of rings you like. Pay close attention to the rings she likes, maybe even suggesting she try one or two on just for fun, this way you can find out what size she is and what style of ring she likes.

3. Ask a friend/relative. – Friends and relatives can be a wealth of information as long as you can trust them. Swear one of her best friends or even her sister to secrecy and then ask for their help. Ask them to nonchalantly approach a conversation about jewellery while they’re out shopping; take her into a jewellery store and pick-out a couple of ring styles she likes. The friend or relative can make the excuse that she wants to look at them for a friend, sister, aunt or cousin. Once your accomplice finds out what the bride-to-be likes, they can take you out and show you, then you can find something similar and surprise her with it. Don’t forget to have her friend find out the ring size also.

4. Match her fashion taste to her ring style. – If you notice what your girl is wearing, it’s probably a clear indication of what type of ring she’ll choose. Is your woman flashy, original, traditional or bold when she picks her clothes? If your woman is conservative in her fashion sense, she probably will prefer a traditional round solitaire type ring in a moderate size stone that does not scream “bling,bling” when you walk in a room. On the other hand, if your woman has expensive taste and wears trendy fashions, she’ll expect an expensive ring and will be more comfortable with a ring that stands out from the rest in a room.  Food for thought: When it comes to fashion and rings, a wide band makes a finger look smaller, so if she has dainty little fingers, go with something a bit more delicate. A small diamond will be lost on a big girl’s finger, so look for something a little larger.

5. Magazines, magazines, magazines. – Whether it’s online or print, women love them and often spend hours scanning the pages for all kinds of things. One way to find out what type of ring your bride likes is to look at a couple of her magazines. Browse through them until you find a ring, then, casually suggest, “you think it’s pretty” and see what she has to say about your choice. If she hates or likes it, ask her why, luring her into a discussion will help you find out what she really wants.

Finally, if all else fails, bring her with you. The trend these days is to pick the ring together. You could both go out to a jewellery store and find a couple of rings she loves. Don’t buy it that day but go back later and pick one of the rings and surprise her with it!

Now, your next dilemma - How are you going to propose to her?

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