How to Plan a Honeymoon On a Budget

What the couple can do to make the honeymoon extra romantic while keeping it under the budget umbrella

Honeymoon Registry: Set up a honeymoon registry. Guests purchase monetary increments to be used toward your honeymoon fund. This can also be used for activities such as excursions or spa treatments so the cost stays minimal for both the guests and couple.

When booking your Honeymoon , work with a travel consultant who is honeymoon specialist, preferably one who is a member of the Virtuoso Travel Network. They will know what hotels, resorts and cruise ships offer the best promotions at any time of the year and they have access to many seasonal promotions. Additionally, they can provide special value added amenities, such as upgrades, complimentary breakfast and perks that you may not be able to get on your own.

Shout "Honeymoon!" - Let everyone know that it’s your honeymoon and when you're booking. This can ensure great honeymoon amenities.

Sleep cheap - live large. Choose a lesser room category in a five star hotel. This will still give you a luxurious experience without much of a sacrifice so you won't have to feel guilty during spa visits and fine dining.

Consider all-inclusive resorts, cruise ships and tours. All-inclusive resorts are easier to plan since your meals, gratuities, transfers and activities are all included in one cost. But be sure to read all the fine print.

Consult your travel consultant on choosing the right tour operator. This is important because many tour operators have special air saver passes for destinations like Hawaii and Tahiti that couples wouldn’t be able to buy on their own. Stay closer to home. Choosing a shorter flight may decrease your cost, since airfare may be as much as half of the honeymoon budget.

Stay closer to home. Choosing a shorter flight may decrease your cost, since airfare is often half of the honeymoon budget.

Pay in installments. When working with a travel consultant, an initial deposit will be necessary to ensure flights, land and insurance. The couple may pay incrementally into the honeymoon up until final payment is due. This will avoid charging the entire amount to a credit card and incurring interest.

Consider booking your dream destination off-season. If possible, this is a great option for the budget conscious. Keep in mind though, some hotels are closed during the off-season.

Book Early. This ensures the lowest airfare, the best cabin or hotel room location and capacity-controlled promotions.

Choose a hotel that’s centrally located with better access to city sights. This will save on transportation costs.

Tips are written by
Harlan Debell, a Honeymoon Specialist for Pisa Brothers and a Virtuoso Travel Network Member.

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