Honeymoon Planning

Men: You take bigger risks than you might know when planning for your honeymoon.

The honeymoon phase starts now. She gives you, her new husband, the responsibility of planning the honeymoon trip. You don’t want to let her down, but you don’t know where to start.

“I’m amazed at how many grooms don’t ask about personal touches when planning the honeymoon,” says Harlan Debell, honeymoon specialist for and a member of the ultra exclusive Virtuoso Travel Network.

What to Consider Packing
It’s hard to cram everything you want to bring in a suitcase, but try to pack a little something for every activity you could be doing. “You have to identify the island or area you’re going to,” says Debell. If you’re going to a place with a hot climate, pack running shoes and flip flops and wear boat shoes on the plane as they look good with shorts, khakis and a linen blazer for dinner outings.

Other things to bring:
- extra film
- extra batteries
- digital/video camera
- sun protection
- condoms
- medication (allergies, pain, anti-nausea etc.)
- any other preferred technology (iPod, laptop etc.)

Precautions to take:
Don’t rely solely on cash or bring a lot of it. Bring an ATM card, traveller’s cheques and two credit cards (leave one in your room’s security box). It is also strongly recommended to always get travel insurance. “Trips can be cancelled or cut short for any reason, you just never know what can happen,” says Debell.

Equally important is making copies of your passports. “Make two copies and leave one in your room’s security box and one with a family member at home,” says Debell.

Other things to photocopy:
- driver’s license
- marriage license (just in case you need to prove you were just married for any reason, i.e. free upgrades)
- any government-issued ID

What You Can Do For Your Wife
Even for honeymooners on a budget, there are plenty of activities that aren’t out of reach. The key is asking the hotel or resort you’re staying in. “Even just mentioning that you’re on your honeymoon can provide plenty of amenities that the hotels offer at no charge,” says Debell.
Few Suggestions:
- order a special experience package, but ask if it’s extra charge (chocolates, champagne etc.)
- spa day/half spa day
- dinner on the beach or balcony
- drawn baths and rose petals prepared before checking in
- private dinners
- private boat rides/excursions
- private transfers
- Ask if breakfast in room is available (some hotels/resorts don’t provide this and couples must follow time restrictions)
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