G-Spot: Dove Men+Care

Be comfortable in your own skin. Be comfortable admitting what you use to take care of it.

Fellas, now you can stop using your girlfriend's bath/shower products, there's a less embarrassing way to get that fresh-soft-skin feeling and you don't have to hide it because it's made for men. You can thank the folks at Unilever for giving us the Dove Men+Care line of products.

What’s so great about it?
First, the unveiling of MICROMOISTURE technology made specifically for Dove Men+Care. MICROMOISTURE is little droplets of moisturizers suspended in the clear lathering gel. So, if you ever had dry skin a few hours after you shower, this breakthrough technology is made to get rid of that.  

Second, other men's skincare line, it would seem, just concentrates on the smell of the product and how the ladies receive it as opposed to how men really feel after using the product.Dove Men+Care scents are received well by women; from our tests, women find the scents to be gentler and not as piercing as other products.

Third, the advertising slogan, "MICROMOISTURE leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed, never heavy or greasy," is actually accurate.'s testers lathered one leg (the left) with Dove Men+Care Deep Clean, and the other (right) with another brand. At first, both legs felt similar right after the shower. But, after three hours, the left leg maintains its fresh feeling. Visually, the right leg looks dryer and coarser than the left.  

Dove Men+Care Line includes:
- Deep Clean Body Wash ($7.49) or bar ($5.29)
- Clean Comfort Body Wash ($5.29)
- Extra Fresh Body Wash ($7.49) or bar ($5.29)
- Active Clean Shower Tool ($5.99)