Videographers: Make or Break the Memories

Before you hit record, get expert tips on how to choose the right videographer for your wedding.

The most important aspect to choosing the right videographer is what many anxious couples seem to forget, says Karam Singh, lead cinematographer of Republic Films.  

“Connection is key,” he says. “Couples need to develop a relationship with their videographers so there’s rapport and comfort, which then translates to the quality of the video.  

“If you don’t have a good feeling or a good bond with your videographer, then the video won’t translate.”  

Republic Films Professional Videographer Tips  
- Look for videographers who take the time and effort to understand you as a couple. The videographer will get a sense of your personality, which will show in their work.  

- Tell the videographer every detail about your wedding: amount of guests, reception location, the atmosphere, the theme, and lighting. These details are all integral information for a videographer; it allows them to think of the equipment they’ll need for the wedding.  

- Determine the style of film you want and be sure the videographer is capable of capturing this style. (Example: Cinema or Straight Video) 

Cinema style has a film-like quality to the picture, while straight video looks more like a home video that a standard video camera can capture.

- If you hire a photographer and videographer separately, it’s recommended they meet each other. This will prevent any conflicts and creative hurdles, like getting in each other’s shots.  

- If you want more samples of the videographers’ work, ask if they have any past couples you can contact for reference.    

5 Questions to ask Videographers  
1. How many weddings do you shoot in one day? Sometimes, videographers will book two or more weddings in one day; more work means quality will be inconsistent. Some team members can be less skilled than others.  

2. What type of equipment are you using? What format will you shoot in? Be sure that you’re getting equipment that supports what you want. If you want Hi-Definition, make sure the equipment is capable to shoot in Hi-definition.  

3. What do you use for lighting? You want to know whether a videographers lighting equipment will interfere with décor. (Example: If you use atmospheric lights at your reception, a videographers HD lights will ruin this lighting effect.)  

4. What genre are you capable of doing? There’s a cinema look and there’s a straight video camera look.  

5. What are the contract conditions? Consider the time it will take to receive the completed project; look for any hidden charges; ask how much will they charge for any overtime shooting and check that the agreed equipment will be used on your wedding day.

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