Ego: Pierre Lueders

Olmpic Athlete: Pierre Lueders
Olympic Profile: It will be Pierre Lueders fifth Olympics as a Canadian bobsledder. In his four Games to date, he has collected two Olympic medals — gold in 1998 and silver in 2006 — both in the two-man race. In Vancouver, for the first time ever, he will enter the four-man event with hopes of winning another Olympic medal. Why he is cool: Lueders has the fight in him to win at 39 years of age. The Edmonton, Alta., native has become an icon in bobsledding. Competing since 1990, Lueders is the most decorated slider in Canadian history. To try to achieve his goal, the six-foot-one, 224-pound driver heads to Whistler with 20 years of experience – a pretty powerful weapon. What he did: Along with his Olympic medals, Lueders has 85 World Cup medals, 11 overall World Cup titles and eight world championship medals. What can you learn from him: Motivation and perseverance can influence the longevity of your career. Experience cannot be overlooked; it helps build confidence and composure to make spilt second decisions.