What Boils My Blood: Valentine's Day Edition

Valentine's Day: When did it stop being about love?

You know what boils my blood? Valentine’s Day capitalism! Valentine’s Day, in my opinion, is meant for lovers. So, regardless of what advertisers are selling, you don’t need to get your mom, grandma, sister or Aunt Jemima anything. Don’t even get me started on greeting cards; why would I pay $15 for a message that I can write out myself?  

Getting in trouble for forgetting Valentine’s Day. When did this occasion become all about what guys have to do? After a long tiring day, you want to unwind; instead, you get a nagging lover waiting at the door saying, “You forgot Valentine’s Day, you didn’t plan anything nice.” The rebuttal: “You remembered, why didn’t you plan anything?”  

Doing something special is reduced to one specific day. I thought girls want guys to show love all year round, then why is there so much weight put on one day? It seems on this day something magical happens – you don’t plan anything and poof, apparently you don’t love her; poof, all the great things you did for her throughout the year is forgotten.

The single crowd gets shafted. Those who don’t have relationships might want to go eat out with some friends, but on Valentine’s Day, it becomes mission impossible. You need to go through five different restaurants before you actually find a place that you don’t have to wait three hours to get a seat and when you get seated, you and your buddies are the odd ones because you’re surrounded by couples. Plus, there's probably some BS Valentine's Day menu with inflated prices. 

Going to the movies. You and your friends can forget about watching an action-packed movie on Valentine’s Day. A steady diet of chick flicks are pumped into theatres for the occasion. Flocks of girls come with their boyfriends (those poor suckers) to make it a date night. Where’s the love for the fellas?