How to be a 'Dreamy' Groom

If you want to "wow" your bride, than put these thoughtful ideas into action and we promise she'll love you for it.

1. Send over a present on the day of the wedding. Make it personal, such as a love letter telling her you can't wait to see her today. 

2. Send flowers to her work to remind her of why you're marrying her. 

3. To relive her of the stress, plan a date night a couple weeks before the wedding. On the date, make it a rule that there's absolutely no discussion about the wedding. It's just about the two of you. 

4. Engrave your wedding bands with a personal message that's just between the two of you. 

5. Plan a surprise excursion on your honeymoon, such as swimming with dolphins or scuba diving lessons. 

6. Make sure you clean up for the big day - shave, get a manicure, eyebrows plucked, etc. 

7. Send her a text the morning of the wedding and tell her how much you love her and how much you can't wait to start your lives together. 

8. Plan a couples massage a couple weeks before the wedding so she can de-stress. 

9. Compliment the mother-of-the-bride on how beautiful she looks. 

10. Don't forget to plan regular date nights once you're married!