5 Fall Date Ideas

Get creative and try doing these fun fall activities with your girlfriend – she’ll love you for it.

Eyes Wide Shut Masquerade BallApple Picking Remember going to the apple orchard when you were younger, feeling the cool crisp fall air, picking the plump red apples, or running through the cornstalk mazes? Well it’s time to re-live that memory with your lady. Plan a day to visit the local apple orchard; pick apples, carve pumpkins and don’t forget to pick up a fresh baked pie for you evening dessert.  

Horseback Riding
Take a trip to a ranch that will take you on a guided horseback riding tour. Make a day of it and plan a picnic afterwards.  

Haunted Houses/Mazes
Show her how tough you are and plan a date to a haunted mansion or maze – be sure to protect her from the ghosts and goblins.  

Decorating for Halloween
Whether you live together or not, decorating your house is a fun activity you can do together. Carve pumpkins, set up decorations and make your house the scariest on the block. Be sure to pull a few pranks on her while you’re doing it, a little scare never hurt anyone.  

Costume Party
Why not throw a party? Well if you can’t, be sure to attend a Halloween party in matching costumes. Be creative and think outside the box with your costumes.