Athletes to Model Yourself After

The 15 qualities that any man can change about himself to become a more positive member of society.

Let's face it, nobody's perfect. So our team of researchers have gone to great lengths to help our fellow man find the qualities he's lacking. We asked a group of women what they looked for in a guy (aside from things he can't change) and the results are in.  

To make things easy, we've chosen professional athletes that encapsulate each of these qualities. Which athlete(s) are you?


Sean Avery for Style

 1. Style: Sean Avery (NHL)
If you can't always play the part make sure you look the part. Avery, whether you're a fan of him or not, looks good on and off the ice. Lesson Learned: The way you look is a reflection of your state of mind; so look confident and presentable - this will show the world you're in control of your life.  





The Commitment of Doc Halladay

 2. Commitment: Roy "Doc" Halladay (MLB)
Despite recent trade rumours, Halladay has stuck it out, kept a clear head and still remains one of the best pitchers of this decade. Lesson Learned: Whether you feel like you may have more success elsewhere, honouring promises and commitments is a must.  


The Physique of George St. Pierre

 3. Physique: George St. Pierre (UFC)
Strength, agility and great physical shape is everything St. Pierre represents. Lesson Learned: A strong, appealing body helps with a man's confidence.  




The Humour of Shaquille O'Neil4. Humour: Shaquille O'Neil (NBA)
Shaq is a great jokester with his hilarious interviews, unconventional on-court antics and over the top rap songs. Lesson Learned: If everyone was as laid back as Shaq, we'd have a world full of practical jokers.  




The Style of David Beckham

  5. Hair/Grooming: David Beckham (MLS)
Take a few pages out of Beckham's hairstyle book; he has got to be doing something right, just take a look at his wife. Lesson Learned: No lady wants to run her hair through your greasy mop, but don't think those perfectly gelled spikes are great either.  



Selflessness of Steve Nash

 6. Team Player/Selflessness: Steve Nash (NBA)
Passing the ball made him a league MVP two years in a row. Lesson Learned: Sometimes you need to play second string for everybody to win; like being the designated driver, or picking up the tab if a buddy is short.  



The Leadership of Tom Brady

 7. Leadership: Tom Brady (NFL)
No one has mastered the two minute drill better than Tommy boy. He marches his soldier's down the field to victory every week. Lesson Learned: Yes, it's good to sacrifice and take a backseat sometimes, but we also have to possess the ability to take control of any situation. When life presents challenges we need to know what role to take, will we be a Nash or a Brady?  


The Business Savviness of Michael Jordan 8. Business Savvy/Life Plan: Michael Jordan- NBA

Officially six years retired from the game and he's still selling more shoes than most current players. A great business mind has helped Jordon stay close to the game he loves while making him a lot of money. Lesson Learned: Have a goal and see it through to success.  


The Volunteer Work of Jarome Iginla

 9. Philanthropy/ Volunteer Work- Jarome Iginla (NHL)
Since 2002, Iginla has donated $1,000 per goal to charity; and today he has donated more than $430,000 to KidSport. Lesson Learned: Try to give back and donate what you can. Even if it's a friendly hello to a co-worker, or buying a homeless person lunch, be nice to your fellow man because you would want the same in return.  

Work Ethic of Cal Clutterbuck

 10. Work Ethic: Cal Clutterbuck (NHL)
A name almost no one has ever heard of, but soon will be forced to watch his big play. At just 21, this 5'11, 213lbs, ring winger did the unthinkable last year; he shattered the NHL hits record with 356 hits, which is 45 more than the previous record. Lesson Learned: It doesn't matter how big you are; it's how big you play.  

The Focus of Tiger Woods

 11. Focus: Tiger Woods (PGA)
It's almost impossible to knock this guy off his game. He's the best at what he does - capturing 14 Major Championships, the second highest of any male player. As one of the quietest and most serious players, Woods has become one of the most decorated golfers of all time. Lesson Learned: When you set your mind on something and focus your energy into it, you can achieve success. 

The Perseverance of Lance Armstrong12. Perseverance: Lance Armstrong (Cycling)

Lance Armstrong has won the Tour de France seven times in a row, battled cancer and more recently, finished third in this year's race after coming out of retirement. Lesson Learned: Anything is possible when you put your mind to it. Silence your critics and overcome the almost insurmountable odds.  


Charisma of Andy Roddick

13. Charisma: Andy Roddick- Tennis
Someone who's not afraid to say what's on his mind and speak the truth is someone you can respect. Andy has a certain glow about him when he steps onto the court. Lesson Learned: Be sure of yourself and be sure people know it. If you cannot be confident in yourself, than what will make others trust your decisions?  


Dependability of K-Rod14. Trust/Dependable/Clutch: Francisco Rodriguez "K-Rod" (MLB)

Currently holding the record for saves in a season (62), set in 2008, K-Rod is one of baseball's elite closers. The pressure of having the whole team on your back is a lot, but we sometimes need to pull through for everyone. Lesson Learned: People will love you if you can pull through and save the day. Whether it's something as small as picking up a birthday cake, or organizing a last minute fishing trip, coming through in the clutch is something every man should do for his friends.

Competitive Spirit of Troy Polamalu 15. Competitive Spirit/Drive to Win: Troy Polamalu (NFL)
Troy Polamalu puts his heart and soul into every game he plays. He breaks his back and picks up the slack when it comes down to crunch time. Lesson Learned: Without a drive to win or succeed in life you won't get very far. The only problem with setting low standards is you may achieve them and not move forward.



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