The 300 Workout

It's not just the name of the blockbuster hit; it's also the workout regimen the actors had to do in order to appear Spartan-like.

300 Workout Program

The first thing you should know about the 300 workout is you already have to be in shape to do it. This routine is recommended to be done once a week.  

Secondly, nutrition plays a larger part than the routine itself. This means for those who think you can look like King Leonidis without sacrificing some junk food, than you're in for a big fat surprise (pun intended).  

FACT: The name of the workout comes from the total reps and not from the movie that gloriously showed its results.  

Note: Remember to properly stretch before performing any workout routine.  

Here’s the workout:
25 pull ups
50 dead lifts
50 push ups
50 box jumps or vertical jumps (24" high box)
50 floor wipers (while laying on the floor, position a barbell above your head and with both legs, touch the left side of the barbell with your toes, bring your legs back down. Repeat for the other side. Watch the video)
50 single arm clean and press with dumbbell or kettle bell (Carry one dumbbell or kettle bell from the floor to over your shoulder and finally above your head. Repeat for the other arm. Watch the video)
25 pull ups
Totalling 300 reps  

Here's the catch, you have to do all of this in less than 20 minutes. Gerard Butler and another cast mate have been rumoured to do this workout in 18 minutes.

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