Choosing your Best Man

How to choose the right bud for your wedding day. Brother or best friend?

Sometimes who you choose as your best man can be a difficult decision, so before you take that next step ask yourself these questions:  

1.  Will this person be happy to accept this duty?
2.  Is he reliable?
3.  Can he look after the wedding bands?
4.  Will he provide moral support throughout the planning process and on the wedding day?
5.  Can you trust him completely?
6.  Does he get along with the bride? And Bridesmaids?
7.  Can he make a speech to a large room of people?
8.  Is he friendly and/or easy to get along with?
9.  What is his current situation? Can he help you, or is a child on the way, divorce, etc.?
10. Can he give you his full attention?  

Give it some thought about who you want your best man to be. If he's hesitant about the role, then consider someone else. Remember, don't feel obligated to choose a family member; choose someone who is trustworthy and will be there for you.

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