Short & Bulky (Oval)

Fashion tips for short and bulky men.

Outfit for the Short and BulkyShort & Bulky: Casual Wear

What Works
-Mid tones, earth tones, solid colours
-Crisp, clean and breezy fabrics
-Vertical stripes – it tends to draw people’s eyes downwards, which makes you seem slimmer
-Tops and bottoms that are identical – contrasting colours break apart the midsection, which draws attention to your stomach

Stay Away From
-Horizontal and diagonal stripes
-Loud patterns
-Baggy clothing

Short & Bulky: Formal Wear

What Works
-Suits that shape and contour the body
-Skinny to medium ties
-School boy knots, Pratt knots and Half Windsor Knots
-Tops that emphasize the shoulder
-3-button high jackets
-Dark colours, earth tones

Stay Away From
-Boxy-shaped suits
-Loud patterns
-Sloppy ensembles
-Bright colours, vibrant colours in subtlety