Sunglasses that Fit your Style

Do you have your own unique style? Aviators or Frogskins: find out which sunglasses suit your personality.

 The Hangover Movie


After watching the movie “The Hangover” we were inspired by how much the characters personalities were reflected by their shades. Each man had their own lifestyle and brought different qualities to the group. By just looking at their sunglasses, you could tell  “the badass” from “the pretty boy”.  

So what category do you fall into?

Christian Dior Aviators for the Badass
Badass - Aviators
The original badass shades worn by the carefree guy who do what they want and don’t follow the rules. These shades are very versatile, like the personalities of the people who wear them. These shades can go with any type of clothing, from beachwear to suits


Wayfarer for the Classy Guy

Old School“Classy” Guy - Wayfarer  
Usually worn by the guy who is classy and calm, but still knows how to have a good time! Just because he’s dressed the part doesn’t mean he’s boring. These shades look best with either semi formal or formal wear.


 Frogskins for the Surfer boySurfer Dude - Frogskins
The laid back, carefree California style shades really give a fun look to anyone. Often saved for the beach, frogskins can also be worn while at the cottage, on vacation in the tropics, or anywhere else you want to relax.  



Louis Vuitton for the Pretty Boy

Pretty Boy - Designer Shades
The man who loves to be in the spotlight and have everyone want to try on his glasses. The expensive, funky, fashion-forward celebrity type glasses can be worn everywhere! From a day at the beach, to checking out babes to a lunch on the patio of your favourite restaurant, these shades will make you feel like the paparazzi is following you at every turn.


 Oakley's for the Sporty GuySporty Guy - Sporty Shades
Perfect for any sport from wakeboarding in the lake or snowboarding on the hills. These shades are for performance and will protect your eyes from the sun while making you look like a pro. So, the next time you’re doing your best Vernon Wells impression, you will have no problem making that diving catch in centrefield - do I hear MVP chants?    


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