Dicks Picks: June

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Movie- Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

If you enjoyed the first Transformers movie than you are going to love the second installment of the Transformers series. More explosions, huge fights and just overall bigger and better than the first! Book off June 24th and get in line early to watch this must see movie of the summer.



The conclusion to what has been one of the most thrilling seasons of The Ultimate Fighter will take place at The Pearl at The Palms in Las Vegas, Nevada, June 20th 2009. You can watch it live on SpikeTV if you cannot make it to Vegas. After exciting twists and turns, the bitter rivalry between Team USA and Team UK will finally come to an end. Watch as these two teams tear each other apart to see what country really has the ultimate fighters.


Girl - Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum, one of the most beautiful and successful models  of all times turns 36 on June the 1st 2009. Not only that, she’s also pregnant with her fourth child. Congratulations Heidi and Seal!



Book- The Game: Penetrating the secret society of pickup artists (Neil Strauss)

Maybe not the best read for the groom, but for his crazy best man who isn’t quite ready to settle down just yet, this should be his bible. The Game by Neil Strauss is the answer to the question that men have asked for centuries... “How can I pick up chicks?”


Wear- Joe Boxer Boxers

Get set for Canada day with these comfortable boxers from Joe Boxer. Pick up a pair of these beauties at Sears or The Bay for $22. Hopefully you’ll find a girl that would like to see these and maybe if you’re lucky, make your own fireworks this Canada Day!



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