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Down On Bended Knee (Vol. 1)

-Down On Bended Knee (Vol. 1)
a series of articles dedicated to help men pop the question-

So you’ve decided to call off the search, you’ve found the woman of your dreams. You have the perfect ring, and you have the parents blessing; now all you need is the perfect proposal!

Many a man fringe at the idea of coming-up with that one perfect proposal that she will remember for the rest of her life, and no pressure, but everyone always asks “so how did he do it”.

The best idea for a proposal is always something that you share in common with your fiancée to be. If you have a tradition you and your fiancée do together every year or a reoccurring family event, than a proposal orchestrated within this custom always makes for the best moments. We can never fully match a personal moment with our own suggestions, but to help you out, we have compiled a section dedicated to the craft of the proposal, dubbed “Down On Bended Knee.” Hopefully these stories will inspire you in creating a perfect proposal.

Good luck to you and your new future. Go get’m tiger…

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