Hello, Gentlemen

Tying a Bow Tie

-Ok men, it isn't rocket science it's just a bow tie. So put down that clip-on and follow our step by step how to guide.-
The lost art of bow tie tying could be placed at the same level as the lost Ark of the Covenant, or it may even be compared to the vanquished way of the Samurai.  Everyone knows what they look like, but unless you ask your grandfather how to perform the thorny task of actually putting one together, there’s a good chance it will look like it just went through a series of stress tests and you ended up with a clip-on. It’s really not as hard as it seems, so it is time to get it taken care of.

Step #1
Lay the tie on the back of your neck with the tips resting on your chest. Adjust the ends so that Side A is slightly longer than Side B by approximately 1½ to 2 inches.

Step #2
Take Side A and cross it over Side B

Pull Side A up and through the loop at your neck.

Step #4
While side A is still through the loop and pointing upwards, flip the end of Side B over itself as shown in the diagram

Step #5
Side A now has to be dropped down in front of the folded side B. make sure that Side A is evenly in the centre in front of Side B

Step #6
While holding everything in place, pull the tip of Side A and fold it behind itself, similarly to the previously folded Side B. Then pull on the newly folded Side A and poke it through behind the loops and Side B.

Step #7
Pull on both sides to not only tighten the knot, but to also ensure that everything is straightened as it should be. Practice a few more times and you’ll have it imprinted in your head for the big day.

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