Hello, Gentlemen

Real Life Proposals

Stories of true love

Paradise Proposal
“Daniel rented a catamaran for the afternoon and planned a lunch on part of the island, followed by a very long romantic walk to the hotel.  As I dragged my feet in frustration back to the hotel, I realized Daniel wasn’t walking beside me.

“I turned to see how far back he was and saw him kneeling down in the sand on one knee with the most incredibly nervous expression on his face. I knew immediately what he was doing and ran over and said yes before he even asked me!”

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Surprise Holiday
“My sister and fiancée tricked me into believing I was spending a day at the spa and then shopping. Little did I know when I was trying on dresses and rummaging through clothes, my sis was taking note of what would be suitable for my upcoming holiday. Three days after my spa day, Mike surprised me with a packed suitcase and tickets to Bermuda.

“It wasn’t until the fourth night in Bermuda at our private terrace, which included a pool and private waiter that he proposed. Mike asked the waiter to bring us dessert and while he was gone, he got down on one knee and asked me.”

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Over the Falls
“Joey planned a day trip to Niagara Falls. It was freezing that day. As we were headed to the car, he said he had a surprise for me.

“He made arrangements to stay overnight at a hotel. When we arrived at the hotel room, Joey dropped his bag in the doorway. Angrily, I picked it up and proceeded in. That’s when I noticed the bed was covered with flowers and when I looked back, Joey was down on one knee.”

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