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Bachelor Parties 101

- Excursions within the Canadian Wilderness -

Bachelor parties are a time of bonding, an excuse for good buds to get together and just hangout and create lasting memories. Most of you think this involves scantly clad woman dressed as your favorite maid or nurse, while this is fun, for those looking for more substance and a different kind of highlight to the bachelor party look to Ontario North.

Camp out in one of the hundreds of Ontario Provincial Parks, a weekend for cold beers and good times. Pack-up a few cars and take highway 400 north on a mini road trip to your campgrounds. Steak, eggs, and beer in the morning, followed up by a game of Texas Hold’em and football, than a campfire grill for dinner (steak and campfire potatoes). Spending some quality time in the middle of the woods reminiscing about old times with good friends is a memory that will last forever, not to mention all the trouble you will inevitably get yourself into while you are hunting for more wood around 1:00 am…  

My proposition is this, pick one of the infamous trails in back country and hike or bike it until you reach your desired destination, go to an Ontario Provincial Park, go on a portage to a secluded lake and go fishing. Make it something timeless, a moment you all will always remember!

 Check back often for trail and campground reviews for your next excursion.

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