Craft Ideas: Organic Favour Boxes

Tied with love - Create one-of-a-kind bundles for your guests to enjoy.


Material for each Organic Favour Box: 
1 Organic green woven box with Lid (WedShop # 8546)
1 Felt butterfly (WedShop # 8420-22)
1 Chocolate truffle or ½ cup of pistachio’s or cashews
3 pieces of bear grass
Natural raffia for filler
Glue gun

1. Glue one piece of bear grass around the middle of the box (as illustrated).  
2. Fill woven box about half full with natural raffia. If using nuts to fill box just cover bottom with small amount of raffia.  
3. Place one large truffle in box or fill with nuts.  
4. Glue bear grass on lid so it lines with bottom of box (as illustrated).  
5. Tie a bow with another strip of bear grass. Glue bow on the top of the lid and cut ends.  
6. Repeat step five – glue this bow so it criss-crosses the other bow (as illustrated).  
7. Glue felt butterfly on top.   


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