Craft Ideas: Chair Decor

Step-by-step guide on how to transform “ordinary chairs to extraordinary” with our simple wrapped bow creations.

Material for One (1) Chair Bow Wrap
- 1 Chair with black chair cover (as seen in photo)
- 3 Yards Sinamay Mesh ribbon (WedShop)
- 1 Yard black ribbon 1 ½ inches wide
- 2 Heart Ornaments (WedShop)
- 2 Stylized Open Hearts (WedShop)
- Scissors
- Glue gun  

1. Centre the Sinamay Mesh ribbon on front of chair and wrap the ribbon around to the back and tie into a single bow. Let tails hang from bow. (See Fig. 1)  

2. Wrap the black ribbon around centre of bow and tie in one knot; make sure tails hang equally on both sides. (See Fig. 2)  

3. Slide the heart ornament string through one black tail ribbon; tie in a knot. Take the other heart ornament and repeat the process on the other tail of the black ribbon. The hearts should be hanging from the middle of the bow on the chair as illustrated. (See Fig. 3a, 3b)  

4. Trim tails of bow and black ribbon as illustrated. (See Fig. 4)  

5. Glue two Stylized Open Hearts onto the bottom of one black tail, making sure to place them on the side of the tails that face outward. (See Fig. 5)  

6. Fluff bow and you’re done. (See main photo)



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