Game Ideas: Memorize the Bride

Find out who’s really observant with this tricky, yet simple, memory game.


Players must remember as many items as they can, which the bride-to-be will carry around on a tray. The twist is players must correctly write down what the bride was wearing, not what’s on the tray.  

- Tray or plate
- 15 to 20 small items that will fit on a tray or plate
- Paper for each guest
- Pen/pencil for each guest
- Watch  

1. Layout the items on the tray.  
2. Announce to the players the bride-to-be will be coming around with a tray and they have one minute to view the items on it.  
3. Have the bride-to-be leave the room with the tray after all the players have had a chance to view the items.  
4. Give each of the guests a piece of paper and a pen/pencil.  
5. Now for the twist – tell the guests they have five minutes to write down everything they can remember the bride-to-be was wearing or had on her. For example, clothing, hair colour, eye colour, jewelry, nail colour, etc.  
6. Time the game with your watch. After five minutes, collect the players answer sheets.  
7. Re-distribute the answer sheets to other players to be marked. Make sure they don’t receive their own sheet.  
8. Have the bride-to-be return. Now, have players give one mark for each correct answer.  
9. Recollect the marked sheets. The player with the most correct answers is the winner.    

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