Homemade Favours: Vanilla Scent

Lovely fragrance for your guests to take home

- Two vanilla beans per jar
- One Mason jar per person (approx. one cup/250 ml volume)
- Sharp pairing knife
- Scissors
- Brown and white ribbon
- Personalized Labels
- One cup of vodka per jar  

Tip: It takes about 2 months for the vanilla to mature. Store in a cool dry place and give the jar a shake every once in a while.  

Learn the Steps


Thoroughly wash and dry each mason jar.  





Step 2
With a sharp knife, slit the vanilla bean down the centre leaving the ends attached. Place two vanilla beans in each jar and cover with vodka.  



Step 3
Secure the lid and cut 6 inches of brown and white ribbon.  

Step 4
Peel personalized labels and stick them on Bristol board. Cut the stickers out of the Bristol board and use a single hole punch to make a small hole at the top.  

Step 5

Pull the ribbon through the hole in the label and tie it around the top of the jar. Secure ribbon with glue gun, if necessary.