Craft Ideas: Make Your Own Beach-Inspired Centrepiece

How to create a tropical centerpiece that works great for a shower or Jack and Jill

- Glass Vases
- Palm tree from Dollar Store
- Sand
- Shells
- Floating candle
- Blue food colouring
- Water
- Glue Gun
- Stir stick

1. Clean the sand by filtering it with water.
2. Fill 1/4 of the vase with sand.
3. Glue the palm tree decoration to the back of the vase; glue two small spots to the top and bottom of the vase, centering the palm tree.
4. Fill the vase with water, leaving 1/4 of the space at the top for the candle.
5. Add one drop of blue food colouring to the water.
6. Stir just enough to mix colouring into water.
7. Drop a few sea shells into the sand.
8. Add a floating candle.