Craft Ideas: Pew Bows
How to make wedding pew bows.
• Floral tape
• Measuring tape
• Scissors
• Ribbon #40
• Wire 22 gauge
• Embellishments (feather in are case)

1. Tape a 22 gauge wire with florist tape. Hold on to the tape at the top of the wire and roll the wire between your fingers. Pull down on the tape, stretching it downwards as you roll the wire. Tear off the tape when you are at the bottom of the wire.

2. Measure out two feet of ribbon. (More if you want longer or bigger tails.)

3. Pinch the ribbon at this point and twist between both hands using your fingers. Hold the twist firmly between the index finger and thumb of one hand.

4. Holding the twisted ribbon in one hand, pull more ribbon off the bolt with the other hand. Slide the ribbon along creating a loop about 4 inches in size by pinching the ribbon under the top twist between your index finger and middle finger.

5. Twist the top ribbon. You should have two twisted ribbons – one on top and one on the bottom. Place the twists together to form a loop and twist them between the thumb and index finger of one hand.

6. Pulling more ribbon off the roll, make a second loop exactly the same size as the first loop on the other side.

7. Now you should have a loop on each side and a twisted pinched point that you are holding between the thumb and index finger of one hand. It should look like a bow.

8. Continue to make another loop exactly the same way you did the first loop by pulling more ribbon off of the bolt. You should have at least five loops, (more loops the bigger the bow), on each side of your bow.

9. With all the loops pinched together and held in one hand, take your taped wire and fold over the twists and turn at the back twice.

10. Hold the wire and twist the ribbon to tighten wire upwards into ribbon. Make sure to twist ribbon so the wire is quite tight against the ribbon.

11. Now, twist each loop and arrange them so they are spread out. Gently shape them into the shape of a full bow.

12. Clip the tails of the bow into a “V” shape or a slant with scissors.
Note: Each pew bow takes approximately five yards of material using this method.