Craft Ideas: Create Your Own Centrepieces

With a little bit of fabric, ribbon and sequins, you can create custom jars for just about anything!

• Scissors
• Candle fits in jar
• Glass jar
• Stick on  cut-out Snowflakes (most Dollar Stores sells them)
• Black Paper with felt texture
• Tags
• Stick-on Numbers or Black marker
• Glue
• 12” Opal Grey polyester ribbon 5/8” wide
• 12” Silver Shimmer polyester ribbon ¼”wide
• Stick-on Wedding Stickers

1. Measure and cut a strip of paper to go around the glass vase. Place paper around the jar but on the ends of the paper add glue and stick to the jar.

2. On the front of the jar, glue the Centre tag cutout. Stick on numbers to the front of the tag or write numbers neatly with black marker. Place wedding stickers on tag.

3. Glue snowflakes strategically around black paper on jar.

4. Take silver ribbons and line the smaller one on top of the larger ribbon. Wrap them around vase securely and tie into a bow.

Follow the same idea and create jars for candy favours or bubble baths for gifts. Personalize it, by monogramming  with the recipient’s initials, pictures or a special verse!